Saturday, June 10, 2017

La Mano de Dios!

Our son, Anziano Johnson, is serving in the Italy, Milan Mission, Lake Como Ward, where he met, Sorella Mayori, who is a convert of several years. In fine missionary fashion, he inquired about her, and learned that she was from Peru, that her family lived in Arequipa ... and that none of them were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But of course we're here in Arequipa, and were overjoyed to receive the reference, and to teach and testify!

Today, President baptized Sorella Mayori's mother.

I testify that our Heavenly Father loves us, and is aware of us, individually. He sent Tanner to Italy, and He sent us to Arequipa Peru, and today we see the fruits of our collective efforts inviting others to come unto Christ.

Anziano Johnson received permission from his Mission President to Skype, so he, and his companion and Sorella Mayori could sing with us, pray with us, and witness the baptism and confirmation. 

Oh what joy!
La Mano de Dios

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